Thursday, March 26, 2015

Day #3


I'm feeling good. I did have a mood change yesterday, I got real angry - but it was work related and wasn't something that wouldn't be unusual for me to be angry about so I brushed it off and felt better. I've learned to do this a lot when it comes to work. If was to stress or get upset about every little thing I wouldn't make it to 40.

The only thing I've noticed with reducing the Bupropion is that I get a rush of energy in the morning shortly after taking it. The doc called in XL and I was taking SR so I'm sure that has a lot to do with it.

Yesterday after work I came home, ate supper around 5 pm and by 5:30 I was asleep on the couch. Around 6pm I went to go lay down in the bed and slept until 9:30pm!!! I don't ever do this, I was exhausted after work yesterday and even though the thought of working out entered my mind a few times I went to sleep instead. I feel really good this morning so it looks like my body needed it.

Today we are suppose to go hiking again in the evening, I'm looking forward to it. =)

Have a good day.

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