Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Day #1 - The Weaning Begins

I called doctor B yesterday and he called me in 75 mg of bupropion so I can start weaning myself off the medication.

I've read some horrible stories about the side effects, but I'm willing to go through them if it means I can be in control of my life again, because right now..im just floating around in the clouds and gaining weight - and I'm miserable.

It's going to take me close to a month to be completely off the medication. Meanwhile I'm going to get a complete physical on April 9th. I'm getting a full blood panel done and a consultant about my weight. It's a new doctor...Well, I only have three choices with my husbands insurance and she was the only Lady doctor.

I made my blog private yesterday because I wanted to update a few things.

ok, time for work.

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