Sunday, March 01, 2015

7 Against 1


I wanted to share something with you guys that explains one of the reasons I have such a hard time staying on plan while starting off.

Yesterday I was at work. I did my job and was finished at 12:30. My shift ended at 3:30. I love days like that but at the same time I was bored. I helped my co-workers who weren't done yet and cleaned. So after cleaning everything I could we always end up gathering in a crowd and talking. There was about 8 of us all together.

For some reason I kept having these urges to eat yesterday. I wasn't hungry..just wanted to eat. All you readers that eat when your feeling ___, know what I'm talking about.

So back to the story, we were all talking and I brought up the fact that I started counting calories again. They were all like 'why?' and 'who cares'. I heard "I work all day, I'm going to eat what I want' and "I'm not going to starve myself just so I can fit into a smaller pair of pants." I mean, not one of the girls said 'good for you'. My two favorite co-workers were off, my more positive friends. So, by the end of my shift I kept wanting to go off plan. I even considered turning left to mcdonalds instead of turning right to my house while driving home. I was going to sneak me in a frappe and fry...I wanted to eat them without anyone knowing.

When I got home I had my all-ready-logged snack and planned on working out. But I didn't. I gave in and ordered pizza. I text my husband and told him to bring home a pie for dessert. I drank last night and had more pizza. I ate over 3500 calories, I logged everything into MFP just now and my jaw dropped. Wow, I've got a lot of work to do if I'm going to give in that quickly. I know that if yesterday happened about two weeks into my plan I would have had the strength to not give in. My mind would have been stronger to take the criticizing from my co-workers.

I have a problem. You see, I DO CARE about how I look. All the girls I work with have thrown in their towel and given up. I'm not ready ( nor will ever be ready) to do that.

Today is day #1 again.

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