Thursday, February 12, 2015

Officially Out of Shape


Yesterday was a good day. After the madness at work I came home and went to a local park and walked for 30 minutes. Its so funny how easily I lose my breath now? I mean..I was walking up a hill that was hurting my knee's and feet and at the top, I was out of breath? wth? I used to run up those hills with the 'rocky anthem' playing in my head. (hehehe)

It's crazy how life can change, and it wasn't over night that I became out of shape. It happened slowly over the course of about 3 yrs. But lets not get into all that, if you read My Story at the top of every page then you will know all the details.

So as I was saying, yesterday was good. My food was good, I was lacking in the veggie department but I plan on getting my 3 cups of greens and 2 cups of carb friendly ones today. I've already got my breakfast and lunch packed and it healthy :) ( eggs with turkey sausage balls, 4 green leafy-turkey-avocado roll ups, green tea)

Wanna hear something funny? I was suppose to be off tomorrow but dumb me opened my mouth and told the manager that we didn't have a cook for Friday ( she didn't schedule one) She thanked me for pointing that out and then ( and I knew this was coming) she asked if I could work tomorrow (shit)...and I said I would but my heart was sinking just a little. I was looking forward to a day off.  Oh well, it happens right? I was just doing the right thing. She gave me Monday and Tuesday off so thats kinda nice...two days in a row is very relaxing.  But then again, Monday is 3 more days away gah!

ok...time to get going. I'm still so very excited about my Elliptical. =) I'm going to be so sore the next I love being sore after a workout. I need to hit the Total gym after work today.

ok, laters


  1. just checked in the last few posts...I 'm out of shape too. but my excuse is sickness. When I've tried to exercise I relapse. It brings up fear to get this way and I tend to want to kick myself and say 'ah, you could exercise'...right..I'm.ready to get back to 'real life'..glad you are already going there...getting away from the food work environment might be a real game changer for you ...are there job opportunities at your store or at other stores like your store to get in to the customer service / business side of things. You've got the background at the ground level. why not ?build on that.

  2. Sending you good luck vibes. And yes, I plan on talking with the store manager probably next week, after all the madness of Valentines day is over. I just hope he takes it well. He's a decent guy...just has his moments ( like we all do I guess) Thanks PJ for your comment.


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