Saturday, February 07, 2015

My First Slip Up


SOOoooo, I had a slip up last night unsure emoticon . I'm not going to say what I ate after work yesterday but lets just say that the stress of working 8 days in a row finally built up and I stress ate.  I estimated my carbohydrates at about 160 for the day frown emoticon . Now I will have to fight through all those nasty cravings again. It all started Thursday when my dear husband ordered dominos pizza ( one of my trigger foods), and its not his fault..he asked if I minded and at the time I didn't. But once that pizza entered the house I smelled it, and my excuses started rolling in. I thought, well 'one slice of pizza isn't going to hurt me', Yeah right, those night time cravings hit me hard last night for me junk.
Wanna know what I should have done? I should have went into my room and either worked out, read a book. Called my mom or a friend or something else.
 I honestly don't think binge eating disorder ever completely goes away. We may get stronger and its 'voice' may get weaker, but its still embedded in our brains as a coping mechanism for stress. I think the less we use it - the weaker it gets. 

But it will be ok. I will be ok. I got this. Just gotta get back on my wagon, grab the sides and hang on tight. heart emoticon

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