Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Mission: Reboot


Its Tuesday, February 4th. Its around 6:12 in the morning and I'm feeling a good vibe.

Yesterday was stressful. I was in a rush to work, a rush to get home and before bed I wanted to stress eat.  No workout and my food wasn't 'induction' friendly. I didn't over do it, but I had some forbidden food thats not introduced until the 2nd phase of Atkins. Here's a click and paste of yesterdays meals.
B-atkins bar
L-smoked Gouda w/boars head oven gold turkey, coke zero 
s-2tbs natural pb (ok, it was more like 4 unsure emoticon )
S-steakums sauteed with mushrooms, red onions & bell pepper
W/o- nothing frown emoticon
Water- good

As you can see, still no bread or white stuff. The morning bar was a quick grab and go snack. The coke zero was because I wanted it. The natural peanut butter was because my sweet tooth. And I didn't workout simple because I didn't feel like it. I was in 'binge mode' and thats all I wanted to do.

But I didn't. I stood my ground .. an indication that I'm changing.

Today I woke up with a clear mind. I started off very strong in this change of life style. And I've noticed here lately that I've been reaching for more 'grab and go' type meals. I've been lacking in veggies and making excuses.

The point of Atkins is to not only rid your body of simple carbs and sugars ( with so many other benefits) but to change your mindset in the way you think about food. To read labels and understand them. There are no 'cheat' or 'free' days in Atkins, and that's where im having a hard time. Cheat meals is what got me through the week when I counted calories. But I can also remember having the hardest time getting back on track the day after a cheat meal. The cravings where over whelming. 

So, today I will reboot my self. Today I will have no excuses.

p.s- sorry for any typo's. I've got to go....

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