Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Hump Day - Update


Its early, around 6am. I have to be at work in about an hour so this won't be long.

So for the last two days I have got in some great workouts! Monday I did 40 mins on the Total Gym and yesterday I did P90X Cardio. This morning I woke up to some nice muscle soreness through my upper body and stomach. For some reason I never really feel anything when it comes to my lower body. So today I plan on doing a lower body workout after work.

Eating has went to crap. Yup, just being honest. My excuses are " I will get serious when my Elliptical gets here". Sounds like a good excuse right? (*eyeroll). I'm kinda back and forth with my carb intake lately. One day im ok, prob under 60 then one day im around 200. Yesterday I prob had close to 300 :-/. Its madness once those little sneaky b@stards get back into your system. Im starting to understand the effect they have on my body/mind.

Well, Im going to do my usual low carb breakfast and lunch today but hubby already said we're going to Golden Corral for supper so I must control myself there. Those of you who are food addicts or just plain over eaters must share my feelings towards buffets. There nightmares if your trying to eat healthy.  I plan on filling up on a nice salad then hitting my favorite food on the bar that just so happens to be low in calories and carbs.... the delicious Bourbon Street Chicken. OMG, so good.

ok, well. Thats all folks. I will bb tomorrow since I'm off.

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