Sunday, February 22, 2015

Day #1 Back on Track


Another day another dollar, isn't that what they say?  Well, I got my schedule for this upcoming week and I'm not off until Friday and Sunday of next week. That sucks. Thats 7 days in a row of working, sigh.
Oh well, I keep reminding myself that I have a job and to quit bitching.

Yesterday's reboot went pretty good. Here is my food for the day along with my workout.
B-2 eggs, turkey sausage, coffee
L-grilled chicken spinach caesar salad, green tea
S-Atkins sesame chicken and vegetables meal, 2 graham crackers with 2 tbs natural peanut butter.
W/O-30 minutes Elliptical

I'm never really hungry in the morning but I force myself to eat. I know if I don't eat it just leaves room for a binge after work. I still had those cravings after my last meal but I just kept ignoring them. Its pretty hard at first...and I know if I didn't workout it would have been really hard.

The elliptical workout was good, I have to admit that my legs and butt was burning to begin with, so I had to really dig in deep to go 30 minutes. I never increased my resistance..just stayed at 1 the entire time.

After work today I'm going to do a circuit with the Elliptical. 10 mins on, then do a segment of Cathe's power hour (upper body only), then 10 mins back on the elliptical...and so on until I feel good and burnt.

I will check back in tomorrow morning with an update on my day. =)

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