Thursday, February 05, 2015

Can I Get a High Five?!


Just came on here to brag about myself.

We went to well known all-you-can-eat buffet yesterday and I was good!! Yup, I went on their site and looked up the nutrition info before going and stayed on plan. Im proud of myself.

And in all honesty, I don't want to eat carbs and mess up my fat-burning metabolism right now. I don't want the cravings that go along with them and the hangover effect the next day.

The next carbohydrate that I allow back in will be the lower glycemic fruits. I don't know when I will allow them yet. The scale is being a total @ss right now and not showing me the # I want to see. But I can tell a difference in my body. Almost like my 'skin is getting loose' or something?

ok, gotta get ready for work. Oh and since I have been putting off working out so far this week. I HAVE TO workout after work the next 4 days. Blah...

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