Sunday, February 01, 2015

Blah Blah Black Sheep..


So, Im up - rather be in bed. I know...I know, just hush and get over it.  Well, once I get to work I'm ok. Its the whole getting-ready-for-work-thing that I don't care for at the moment. Im in my pj's and fuzzy socks and wanna stay in them. :-P

Oh and before I go hop in the shower I wanted to state that "This girl is still on low-carb" yes, my choo-choo train is still chugging along. I admit that im getting bored with the same old food. Its day 13 and I could care LESS about eating another salad, egg and meat of any kind. In the book I think he calls this ( he as in Atkins guy), he calls this my 'breaking point'.

But oh no - I shall not break. Just like that old guy with the stick in his hand in Lord of The Rings that says "You shall not pass". HA! (I know the old guy has a name and the stick isn't a stick...but I don't know the details...that's my hubbies movie, and if I was to say "nobody puts baby in the corner", he wouldn't have a clue who baby is, teeheee, just saying. ) =)

Well off on another adventure in the Deli today.
Wish me luck, being that it is super bowl Sunday. Sigh

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