Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A New Toy For MEEeee!!


So - ... I bought an Elliptical yesterday and it should be ready to pick up in a few days. I can't wait to use it.  I remember a few years ago when I did low carb and the elliptical I got quick results. Its a Gold Gym brand that I got through wally worlds online website, It had great reviews (4 starts out of 5 with 630 reviews) And the price was 'rolled back' as they put it.

Now I just have to figure out where I'm going to put it? :-/ to work. It's the day of the 'Re-Grand Opening' And NOOOOOOO im not excited. It's ridiculous! And what makes it worse is that I have to cook today :-(  Have I mentioned lately how much a hate my job? No? Well....I do. I filled out two more applications yesterday online in a medical office environment. I need to get away from retail. Its just to stressful.

ok, enough b*tching. I will bb tomorrow.

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