Tuesday, February 03, 2015

2/3/15 Update


Yesterday I woke up feeling run down, and just achy. Kinda b*tchy too. It never really went away...I just wanted to stay home and lounge around. We started a 4-day class at work and boy was I not feeling it, at ALL.

Anyways, Im glad to be feeling better this morning. Today is my official weigh in day and im up 1.3 (eyeroll) I'm doing everything right so the weight loss will come. I'm not worried about it. My body is so slow to respond to my efforts I wasn't really expecting one. I will probably be down later this week or possible next tuesday. ... .... whatever.... ... ....

Still no bread, nothing white and I'm watching my carbs. Not counting them but I'm pretty sure im under 40/35 a day. During induction your suppose to eat under 20 a day and on most days I do hit that, or even under, but im not perfect and lord knows I never will be so I do what I can and keep on going ;-) Im not really worried about it. As long as I stay on track and feel good about myself thats all that matters.

I kinda wished I would have measured myself two weeks ago because my stomach appears to be smaller, and my thighs as well.

Oh and can I just rant a little on whats available for low carb? I'm a member of a few face book low-carb recipe sites and there is some really good recipes out there for anything you want.
Yesterday I clicked on a pizza crust recipe and was kinda disappointed to see the long list of ingredients. None of which I have.
 Don't get me wrong, im thankful for the recipe providers out there and deeply appreciate there time, but dang...I wish they would sell no gluten/low carb pizza crust in the stores.  I don't want to spend a lot of time prepping a pizza crust? I would rather buy one and pile it high with good stuff then bake and eat. Ya know what I mean?
All the recipes seem to have a lot of ingredients. Kinda frustrating.
Im thinking that maybe there is an issue with shelf life or something, thats why there not already made and packaged? IDK.

ok, well - that about sums it up for today.
later gators....

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