Thursday, January 22, 2015

Thursday Morning Update

Good Morning,

I've had the last four days off and I must admit, they were quite boring. I sat and watched Downton Abbey for the most part, I'm really getting to like this show. I love the era it was in ( early 1900's England) Its about a particular family and their estate, but what I  really like about it, is that it includes the life's struggles of the servants. Lets us get a peek of just how hard their jobs and life's were. I love watching shows and movies like this. I love learning about history :)

So I decided to start Atkins this past Monday. I also started a page that I will update as much as I can. So far so good. Its hard, im going to be honest. Going from eating whatever you want to eating 20 net carbs isn't easy. ( you eat 20n carbs the first 14 days then bump it up like 5grams depending on how fast your losing weight) ..but I feel it will be worth it once my pants start getting loose, once I start noticing my cheekbones and face slimming ( the first signs for me). That's what is keeping me going at this point. And I'm working at an ideal place to get my hands of a lot of carb free snacks until I find another job. LOL ( a slice of cheese here, a bit of chicken there teeheee)

Anyways, enough talk of diet blah blah stuff. I do have very exciting news that will benefit both hubby and I. We're buying an Elliptical machine!! I've been wanting one of these 4-EVA! I already have one picked out and can't wait to order it in the next coming weeks.

ok, thats all for now. Oh..I have been working out this week. So far 3 days of cardio..yay me.

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  1. I'm on a low-carb diet as well! If you ever need any support, feel free to e-mail me and we can be accountability buddies! :)


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