Saturday, January 10, 2015

Saturday's Morning Update


I'm off today and loving it. My husband took some personal time so we're all together which is so nice. I don't think we have any special plans, we may venture off to the mall and walk around. There are a few stores I'd like to check out.

It's been so cold down here in GA, bone chilling cold. I'm thankful that there isn't any rain coming this way or we would have heck of a blizzard.

So this week has been pretty good. I watched what I ate and so far I have had two rest days, so that's four days of workouts. Excellent! My eating was better than it has been in a long time. I logged what I ate and kept up with my water. I'm looking for an even better week this week. Today I plan on getting in a workout before we head off to town. My next indulgence meal is Tuesday, not sure what I will have yet? But I'm looking forward to it.

Oh and I won't weigh in again until the 26th. My last weigh in was 12/26 =)

Work Stuff
So, no call back yet from that warehouse that is going to open in February. The DOL sent them my resume and application along with a letter of recommendation so I'm still hanging around my phone, waiting for that call. It would be so nice to get away from retail and not to mention all the food I'm around. Someday's are easier than others, because we do offer healthy choices...and for the most part I bring my breakfast and lunch. So its rare that I eat there. But I feel if I didn't work there it would be easier to lose weight.
And I'm also eager to get away from all the drama there. There is always something going on at least once a week. Last week my name got involved. My feelings got hurt and then I got pissed. I had every intention of approaching the girl that mentioned my name but after talking with the deli Manager, I decided to let it go and to let the pot simmer and cool.

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