Thursday, January 29, 2015

It's Too Early For This!


I rolled over at 3:30 am and couldn't fall back asleep, lucky me. Well the good news is I'm off today and tomorrow. I'm excited to not be at work and NOT be apart of any drama. Yesterday was horrible for about a total of an hour.

First let me talk about my food yesterday. 
So, in the Atkins book it clearly states, and I quote In the first few weeks I want you to be unafraid of fats like butter, cream, cheese, olive oil and the fats in meat poultry and fish. He goes on to warn about the unhealthy trans fats but then he says Thus, you should strive for an adequate amount of fat during this initial period, and, in doing so, you will almost certainly find yourself experiencing the most appetite suppressing aspects of Atkins. (page 139 in my book)

Well he ain't lying, lol, My appetite is officially suppressed. Its amazing - first time ever in my life have I experienced this. I had to force breakfast down and didn't feel like eating lunch, so I grabbed an "good-for-all-phases" Atkins bar. My stomach was growling when I got home from work and I had to stop and eat just to shut it up. Food addicts don't do this, they are planning their next meal.

Here is a copy and past of my food yesterday
B-3 boiled eggs, coffee
L-Atkins bar, green tea 
S-sauteed chicken in olive oil with hot sauce, side salad with ranch dressing
Rest day - no workout

Anyways, Now lets talk about work, sigh, and it was a doosey of a day.

So, I mentioned some drama yesterday at work. Well it all started Tuesday, when I started to do my job and found no 'set ups' done. Which means the person the day before didn't do them ( and she never does, but  we will get into that later). So as the day went on I started to get really irritated. I wasted a lot of time doing 'her' job and mine just to catch up. At one point I went to the manager and told her that I plan on talking to 'this girl' tomorrow and the manager said 'ok, I will join you'.

So yesterday we did talk to her, she had an excuse for every thing and at one point I was so tired of listening I just said "ok, lets just agree to do this,this & this " and she said ok. So in other words the the meeting didn't accomplish anything.

So it was less than a minute after the meeting that this girl starts text messaging another co-worker and gets her all riled up saying that "Amy said this and Amy said that in the meeting' about this co-worker when in fact the co-workers name was never mentioned. The co-worker deleted me on facebook. The co-worker also started text messaging another girl in the deli who showed the text messages to the manager. OMG, the manager was mad!  ( didn't I tell you it was a doosey, and wait theres more)

So after reading the messages the Manager is mad, but she has a lot going on right now and continues on with her job.

Release the Kraken
After lunch I come back to a meeting between the manager, 'this girl' and the co-worker' that recieved the test messages. As I'm doing my job I hear my name. So naturally I walk over there and the drama begins. She was saying that I'm always 'nit-picking' everything she does and she doesn't want to work with me anymore, she said that I'm always 'whispering' behind her back and gossiping about her. My jaw DROPPED. And before I could defend myself  the Manager says " Amy is the least likely person in here to whisper and gossip so I don't believe that". So then 'this girl' puts on this big performance asking the manager if she wants her to quit while taking off her apron. I was literally frozen, I couldn't believe how childish she was acting.

Sigh, just typing about it im exhausted. In the end we all agreed to just do our job, the girl calmed down and the manager went about her business as did I.

Sooo, what did I learn yesterday you ask? That I do in-fact have enemies in the deli. And I think the two girls in today's parade realized that I don't put up with lazy ass gossipers. And I will call them out if they don't do there job. I'm tired of coming in to messes and a lot of the other girls are too but don't say anything, which is what I have been doing because I didn't want any of the drama. Well, my patience level was reached Tuesday when I came into a mess and could no longer turn-the-other-cheek.

ok, Im done now. And if you have reached this sentence than I thank you for being a dedicated reader ;-)

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