Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday Morning Update


I wanted to start off by saying "where is the sun?" I don't know who scared it away but its been missing for some time now. I think the last sunny day was about 2 weeks ago, and it was just ONE sunny day. GAH!!

I've doing pretty good this week. For the first part of the week I went though this 'I don't feel like getting out of bed' phase. But it passed, im sure its hormonal.
 Work has been boring, I've had to work 7 days straight. My next day off is Sunday...sigh, can't wait until Sunday. No call yet from that DOL job. I've been clinging to my phone with every ring only to discover its just another phone call. If they don't call I'm going to apply for more jobs in the area, I may even consider asking to be moved out of the deli - for health related reasons. I can't seem to lose weight no matter how hard I try. I admit that I am a pretty strong and determined women, but when your around all the junk food and literally making it, and all you keep thinking while tossing the chicken wings in hots sauce is " omg they smell good, but I can't have one" it just make you feel deprived and those cravings start. I'm telling ya really sucks.

anyway, enough whining.

I've got to get ready for another day in paradise. I will try and check back in here on Sunday.


  1. I totally couldn't work in the food industry for that reason alone!

    Hope you hear back from the job soon - waiting is the worst part!

    Oh, and new follower here: (if you're interested). :)

  2. Welcome Rhonda, thanks for joining <3


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