Monday, November 24, 2014

Thanksgiving Rant

Good Morning,

As you all know, I work at a grocery store. I work in the Deli as one of the cooks. Lets just say that I'm not particularly in love with my job as a cook, specially during this time of year. Its madness! I've got 25 turkey dinners on Wednesday and 15 on Thursday.  And now that one of the cooks have found another job it leaves just two of us and the other cook is OFF on Thursday? WTH?

Sigh, anyways...

This damn grocery store is the reason I've put on so much weight! Its the stressful environment, the drama with the people and all the temptations of food.

So, I spoke to the meat department manager yesterday to know... kinda put a bug in his hear about a position there. I asked to be considered if there was any openings. The meat department has one job in particular that I would love to have. Your by yourself all day, you work with the deli meats, stock and order them. He told me I had to call this 1-800 # and submit an interest in other departments before he can consider anyone. So I'm doing this when I get home today. I've got to get out of the Deli if I want to lose any weight.

sigh, rant over. Its time to go to work now blah.

August check-in

Morning, Are you having a good day? I hope you can say 'yes I am' cause I'm always having a good day when I'm not at work....