Saturday, March 01, 2014


Yay, March is here!! Come ON warmer temps!!
3 more days and I will enjoy an indulgence/moderation meal. Ugh, can't wait. I'm getting so bored with my food...guess I need to look on MFP's Recipe thread and find something new to eat. I did go through my old recipe thread here and found some familiar recipes. Thats where I found that FlatOut Pizza idea I made the other day. 
Got on the scale this morning and was down another .4 , yeahya! Total of 4.8 so far. I honestly didn't think I would see a loss this morning - I usually retain water after a weight lifting workout. Yesterday I did 48 mins on my Total Gym then another 30 minute walk. Not sure if I will walk today or tomorrow, but I need to get in one more walk before this week ends. ( my weeks end on a Sunday) 

Friday, February 28, 2014

2/28/14 Friday Update

Hi Folks!

Had myself a nice little sweat fest this morning.
It started with a 48 minute total gym workout and ended with a 2 mile walk.

 I did the intermediate dvd that came with the TG and I was burning, particularly in the quads, biceps and shoulders. I LOVED IT! I really like those explosive squats they do, there very challenging. So far the total gym is very impressive. I even pulled it out myself this morning and changed all my intensity settings too. Its so simple.

After doing the dvd I popped in a new Leslie Sansone dvd that I got at Sams Club the other day. Walk to the hits 'party songs'. It was different then her usual walks, she had new moves in there and the music was really upbeat with some familiar songs.  I did 2 miles total.

Oh and I'm still on track with my food, still logging into MFP daily to log everything.  It Feels so good to know that I CAN do this. I gotta admit, for a long time now I didn't' think I could. I was dreading having to diet again but this time its different. I no longer feel pressure to lose weight, I'm not going to beat myself up when I skip a workout. I'm just going to do the best I can, when I can...thats it.

And on a side note.This has to be a life style change, not a diet. Its not a race to see how fast I can lose weight or a challenge on how hard I can push myself with workouts. Its a daily commitment to myself - because I deserve to feel THIS good everyday! ( yes, I'm a cheese ball - I don't care )

Have a nice weekend =)

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Feeling Anxious - Need to Vent


I couldn't sleep that good last night, and thats with my medication. I woke up around 4:30, I had my alarm set for 4:50 so its no big deal. I have to be at work around 6:15 so I like to get up early and drink my coffee.

There is a lot going on today. First off, I have to work and meanwhile my hubby is going with my sister to look at cars. She wants to buy one and doesn't feel comfortable going by herself so she asked my hubby to go along with her. I just don't like them traveling so far to look at strange cars. ( somewhere south of ATL)

Second, my dad called me last night. He asked if I could pay him back some money I borrowed back when I left my job. As soon as he did, it just hit me the wrong way. I got mad - I guess because both my brothers basically mooch off him (they live with him without paying rent or buying grocery's, he has told me this) and he wants to ask ME for the money when here I sit, working hard with a family to help support and just trying to make ends meet. My brothers have no responsibilities whatsoever. It just pisses me off I guess. I do owe him the money but I hope he does't expect a lot today....

Thirdly, we closed our AT&T Uverse account about 9 days ago and they want there receivers back, so sometime today I've got to drop those off before 5pm, I hope I don't forget.

I'm also still thinking about that argument with my mom the other day. Its still weighs heavy on my mind.

I've also got to pay a few bills today...sigh

Just a little overwhelmed this morning. I'm sure I will be fine once I get to work and once my hubby calls me after his adventure with my sister (lord help him, she's a little loopy) . I just have to remember it will all turn out just fine....I just have to stop obsessing and go to work.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Emotions - Dealing with it.

Good Morning,

I'm off work today and soaking up the quiet around me. I LOVE silence, it gets so loud at my house with the kids and dogs. My job is also very loud so when I get these few precious hours to my self  I vast in them.

Monday was a hard day. I had a really bad argument with my mom on Sunday night and woke up with it still heavy on my mind. Work that day was slow, thank goodness but I was so grouchy. After work I came home to a dirty house and 2 very rambunctious kids playing wii. I just wasn't in the mood for anything,  I stayed on plan and ate my already logged food. No emotional eating which is what I would normally do in stressful times. After supper I listened to music and cried. Yup...I cried with my ear phones on in front of the computer. My kids were watching tv and my hubby was taking a nap so nobody knew - it felt good to get out my frustrations. I was so grouchy all day too. My dh told me to 'calm down' after I snapped on him. He forgot to get something..can't remember now. He is so patient with me...god love him.

My mom and I decided to stay clear of each other. Its sad but we just don't get along any more :(

Yesterday i had a 'moderation meal'. We went to Arby's and man was it good. I had a medium roast beef with a small curly fries and 1 & 1/2 mozzarella sticks. I did very good considering it was a higher calorie day :)

party on....

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Week One - 4.4lbs Loss


My eye's are wanting to close on me this morning. I'm hoping this coffee will help in a minute...

This week was a success. I got in 5 days of walking and stayed very close to my daily calorie amount and guess what? I lost weight...go figure. ( yes im being sarcastic-gah-its too early to be my usual chipper self) I think tomorrow, since its my day off , I will enjoy a higher calorie day. Nothing crazy because my workouts aren't near as intense as what they used to be. Perhaps around 2000 calories. I can enjoy a 1000 calorie meal with that (basically a cheat meal).

Well, just checking in with my weight update.

Nothing else new going on. I'm still started back to school yesterday after being off for two weeks ( first week was a snow week).

ok, have a great week :)

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Different Approach


This week I have rocked my healthy lifestyle change. Eating more veggies, lean meats & complex carbs, trying to cut down on the sweets, logging my food and walking 4x's a week. Its what has worked for me before.

Last time (a few weeks ago) I tried to jump back into my workouts and log food. I did fine for about 3 weeks then got burnt out on the workouts, felt discouraged with the scale and fell off the wagon.

This time I'm taking a different approach. I started a new account on MFP. I'm committing to sticking to their calorie counts and eating my exercise calories. Oh and exercise is walking. No lifting weights, no intense/strenuous aka high-dread-factor pressure. Just walking! And so far folks its working.

I've got to go to work but I wanted to note how im doing. I also started a MFP blog so I will be checking in here & there.

*** "Cheers, here's to a new healthy lifestyle" ****

August check-in

Morning, Are you having a good day? I hope you can say 'yes I am' cause I'm always having a good day when I'm not at work....