Sunday, January 26, 2014

Day 12 Update

Good Morning,

Its 5:11 am on a Sunday morning ... My TGIF :D

I weighed this morning and no change (eyeroll) That scale is just one way to measure my results. I'm going to get my hubby to measure me on Tuesday and I will just go by the last time I measured. I'm sure all these workouts are causing the delay in weight loss. But they feel so good so why would I stop? I'm no longer binge eating at night, my anxiety is almost none existent and my cravings have been controlled. I'm in that 'think before I eat' phase now. And regardless of how tired I feel I still workout either before or after work...I'm doing everything right. I'm doing  a*w*e*s*o*m*e
So with that said..I will just keep on truckin'

Today I have to cook at work. I'm not particularly fond of cooking specially on Sundays, ugh. Everybody wants fried chicken! I have to cook so much damn fried chicken that I end up getting hot and sweaty.  No wonder im not craving any of that crap, LOL. I'm still very happy with my job though. I noticed yesterday in the Bakery that they had to do inventory and I carried a slight grin all day because of it. I don't have to do inventory anymore :)

ok...I got to get ready for work and pack my lunch. Yesterday I packed some left over sauteed chicken and a fresh express salad for lunch. We had two fruit trays at work so I got the leftovers from that and had myself a nice fruit cup of melons. I love melons...


August check-in

Morning, Are you having a good day? I hope you can say 'yes I am' cause I'm always having a good day when I'm not at work....