Thursday, December 11, 2014

Working In The Bakery Today


Its Thursday morning, around 5:45, I've got 15 minutes to chat with you guys before my day starts.

Today is going to be interesting. As you all know I work in a Deli at a well known grocery store. But, I used to work in the Bakery as the Assistant Bakery Manager. I quit after I got tired of dealing with the Managers sneaky and selfish ways and transferred over to the Deli. Best decision I ever made, I love the Deli and the people there. Yes, there is drama just about every day but thats what expected when you get a bunch of women together. LOL

Well, last week I was asked by the Bakery Manager if I could help with production ( cakes) for one day this week. I said "sure" why not.

So I find out YESTERDAY that not only will I be working with a lady from corporate , but the Bakery's Vice President is suppose to make an appearance. They are both very strict and by the books.  And guess what folks .. Want to hear the funniest part of it all? The Bakery Manager is on vacation.When I heard that I was like WTF?  The Assistant Bakery Manager is a girl I trained three years ago. It just all feels so weird to me to be going over there and getting in the middle of that mess. My boss in the deli told me yesterday to not worry about anything over there...That I'm just helping out.

Well, that makes me feel a little bit better. LOL

Oh, and I'm thinking about a good name for my blog. The name now seems so boring and blah...I want something with spunk.

ok, 15 minutes is up. Have a great Thursday :)

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