Monday, December 08, 2014

Monday Mumbling


I was in a funk for about a week and the funk is finally lifting. I'm amusing it was my cycle that started it but man, im so glad its going away. I didn't want to to do anything, including get out of bed. Actually , I take that back!  I did want to do something, EAT. But I didn't do too bad...I think.

So my hubby went to get his blood pressure checked Saturday and it was high, he's now on medication and a restrictive diet. I'm glad he went because strokes and heart attacks run in his family.

So now we both have to watch what we eat, which makes it easier for me to diet :-D

My little girl had honor band tryouts Saturday and I was on pins and needles all day. She almost 13 so she is in that ' I don't care to talk to you at this moment' phase.
When she got home I asked how her tryouts went. I got one-word answers all afternoon. It was exhausting trying to get anything out of her...but she did tell me how the bus stopped at Mcdonalds and her and her friends all got McFrappe's there, she was really excited about that. She talked about how one of her friends was really talkative on the bus and it drove her nuts. I told her it was the caffiene in the drink...she said Duh. .... ( well excuse me miss thing :-) )

I don't remember giving my parents the cold shoulder at 13? Of course that was a long time ago...I didn't really stop playing with my barbies until 15? LOL, but times are changing. Back then I didn't have a cell phone or all these fancy video games either. I think we had Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo and played mostly outside. There was a creek that ran close to our house and my sister and I would stay around it building forts and getting wet. Sigh...those were the good old days.

ok, time to get the kiddies up and running.

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