Tuesday, December 16, 2014

I Woke Up


Its raining here in Ga, well at least where I am, west of ATL. I woke up at 3am with the urge to potty. Then I noticed my throat was dry so after a sip of water I settled back down to sleep. Well , THAT didn't happen. ugh

Now im here...on my blog...at 4:44 in the morning. Its not really early for me but still, I have a long day ahead of me so a couple of more hours of sleep would have been nice.

I did a circuit workout Sunday, Cathe Friedrichs: Body Fusion. It was the first workout in over a month. ( I know, sad) but man I felt good after. I've decided to go check out a gym that is about 10/15 minutes down the road this Wednesday. I think its 25$ a month ( with a years contract) or 35$ a month, no contract. I may pay for just a month of no contract to see how it goes. Its got really good reviews and in the online pictures there is people of sorts of ages and sizes there.

I will have to infest in some more workout clothes. I have a few bottoms but no tops.

My eating has improved greatly since confessing my weight the other day. I'm already down a few pounds..and once I hit the gym and start getting that drive again, it will all work out in the end. =)

I thought about selling some of my smaller pants since I have tons of jeans, because once I get down to a comfortable size I can have the pleasure of buying new ones.

ok, time to get my day started. Im working in the deli today doing the salad bar, my favorite position there. Your basically by yourself all day =)

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