Sunday, December 28, 2014

Day 3

Good Morning,

Day #3

Its 6:40 an I've got about 10 minutes to blog this morning.

Yesterday was good, I got my walk in before work. At scrambled eggs for breakfast, two high fiber chicken & salsa wraps for lunch and I had one slice of pizza with 2 pcs of cheesy bread for supper. I didn't mean to have that greasy food but I was absolutely worn out from yesterdays work, it was so busy. I also had a bowl of corn flakes with skim milk for a snack.

Today I packed 3 PB crackers & yogurt for breakfast, a ham sandwich on wheat bread, and some kefir for lunch, I will eat a snack when I get home and supper will be a portion of broccoli & chicken alfredo w/ no yolks pasta ( more broccoli than pasta for me). I will have to really watch supper because I love alfredo.  Not sure if I will workout after work...I know I have to do some laundry. Its sunday so Its pretty crazy in the deli on the weekends.

ok. off to start the day :-)

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