Sunday, December 14, 2014

Christmas Vent & Shameful Weight

Good Morning,

I'm happy to be finally posting again because for about a week now I was unable to get into my blog. My little girl started a google account for a school project and for some reason google linked both our accounts. Sounds confusing right? Well you should have seen me last Wednesday trying to navigate through all the security questions and jibber jabber tech talk. I gave up and I finally asked her to help me yesterday. And wouldn't you know it, she figured it out in less then 10 minutes.
anyways, it's all good now.

So my week has been the same old thing. Work - house cleaning,  blah blah blah. We did get most of the kids 'big item' Christmas shopping done so thats good. Now we will just get a few more cheap things so they have more presents to open. ;-)

Christmas Vent
You know, growing up a Jehovah's Witness we didn't celebrate Xmas. Mom would go out a few days before the 25th and get us a little something. But I never "opened" a present until I had my first Christmas with my husband.
 I know it's Jesus Birthday, but when did buying your daughter a 400$ purse intertwine with that? ( no I didn't buy my daughter a 400$ purse but I know someone who did and I think its ridiculous!)  And all retail stores are a NIGHTMARE this time of year. Its madness!! You can't peacefully shop without  saying 'excuse me' 15 times and sometimes I just want too push all those d@mn buggies out of my way. Oh and the drive there is a congested mess too!
I just wish it wasn't so materialistic, and I'm sure for most families it isn't. Me and my husband only buy for our kids. my niece and our parents, and if we have the $ I will get something for my husband. But that's it. I know I probably sound like a grinch right now and maybe its because I work in retail? But this time of year is way too stressful, I will be glad when the 26th comes.

Ok now I'm changing the subject. So I MADE myself step on the scale the other day and I wasn't expecting the # I saw. It's got to be the stress or sodium or something because for the most part I have maintained 230 through the holiday season. This is a shameful and ridiculous weight. I haven't' weighed this much in over 7 yrs. My husband insist on waiting until January to exercise.. why can't I do it now? I want to do it now but It's almost like I don't want to do this alone anymore.  But I can't help but feel depressed and sad when I think of where I was about 4 yrs ago and where I'm at now. Talking about it isn't going to help, thats the one thing about weight one can do it for you.

Wanna here something that really struck me hard the other day ( and yes, it kinda funny)? Well, I was at work and I bent down to pick something off the ground and the damn button on my pants popped off. Yup..that sucker flew about 3 feet and rolled into a beautiful dance before falling flat. Luckily no one saw it. As soon as I realized what had happened I told myself ' this has got to stop! How much more weight are you willing to put on before you do something about it?"


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