Monday, December 01, 2014

Because Only I Can Do It.


Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. We had family come over after work and had a nice little get together. My husband cooked that day since I was working and really doesn't mind, he likes cooking.

I was off work yesterday and all that I could think about was my weight. I was so depressed :-(

I am determined to get things back the way they were before I lost all control, even if it means I have to join a gym & weight watchers. I've tried weight watchers numerous times before but was only successful once because I stuck to it. The weekly meetings motivate me to stick to it and there very informative.
 I don't care about the money...this is something that HAS to happen. I admit I am out of control, I am now eating junk everyday.

I haven't worked out in three weeks. I think about it everyday, I just don't do it?
Perhaps spending money on a gym will give me the push I need to get motivated. I have just the gym in mind too, its about 12 minutes down the road and it HUGE. Has 5 personal trainers ( If I need them) and 4 fitness class rooms, free weights, pin machine weights and numerous cardio machines. Its 25.00 a month for just the gym, if I want to do the classes it will be 40$. ( Note: when my hubby joins I will get his job discount)

My husband says he's starting after Christmas, like a new years thing. But im starting tomorrow. After work I plan on going down to the gym for a free workout and to just get the feel of the place. And I will start WWer's next Monday.

I will come back on here with an update soon.

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