Saturday, December 27, 2014

Back On Track - Baby Steps

Day #1

Now that Christmas is over I'm getting back on track as of today!! I have a notebook that im going to log my thoughts, perhaps what I ate that day or whatever comes to mind. I won't be counting calories, just being mindful of portion sizes and choosing healthy options. I counted calories for almost 6 yrs, I pretty much know what to avoid.

I decided as of right now to exercise 3 days a week until I form a natural habit, but no more than 3 days for the first month. I don't want to get burn out too soon.

I will not weigh every day, my next weigh in date is January 2nd.

I have to keep this one thought in mind " this isn't a race to the finish"!! I go. Wish me luck :-)

Day #2

I meant to post day #1 yesterday but I get I saved it instead. whoops

Yesterday was a good day one, I managed to avoid any candy, fried foods & junk. I watched my portions and ate healthy.  Egg white omelet with tomatoes for breakfast, tuna and a portion of brown rice for lunch, yogurt & a banana for a snack and some turkey taco's for supper. Not bad at all.

I didn't sleep very well last night, had a couple of bad nightmares. My cycle started yesterday and I'm always anxious during it. I don't have to be at work until 7 so I'm going to get in a walking dvd before work. I need it this morning, I also plan on buying some Kefir ( like a yogurt/ probiotic drink) when I get to work, I love that stuff...always puts me at ease during that time of the month or just when I feel stressed and I don't want to pop a pill.

ok, off for that walk now. Have a great day.

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