Saturday, December 20, 2014



Im blogging this morning because my mind is racing right now. I hate when I feel like this, and it only happens when something is truly bothering me , or I can't make a decision.

The last two days I've been helping out in the bakery. I like the job part but I keep getting all these questions and comments from other co-workers asking "are you going back over there"  " I wonder if they're trying to push you back over here?" and one comment suggested that the intentions could be for me to replace either the assistant or the manager.


And I could honestly care less about going back over there. Sure, I will help out until the cake decorator returns, ( he's had surgery and won't be expect back for some time) but something tells me that they ARE trying to push me back over there? ( and when I say 'they' I mean the store manager & Bakery manager)

Today I am in the Deli and I have every intention of telling my manger that I DO NOT want to go back over there permanently and I will only help out until I am no longer needed. I will also tell the store manager this so that there is no confusion.

Now I know why I left the bakery in the first place... too stressful.

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