Sunday, November 16, 2014

My Before Pictures


Im up early for work. I have to work 7 days straight, my next day off is Saturday =(. But just like I told another co-worker yesterday that is also working a 7 day straight... at least we have a job!

So we just returned from Pigeon Forge Friday and it was so much fun. We stayed at a hotel that has a water park and loved it. It was cold, but we managed.

While on vacation we took a lot of pictures. There was one in particular that really hit me the wrong way.
 Yes, ^^^^ that is me ( with my precious baby girl). I can't get over how much weight I have put on over the past three years (65lbs). I know I shouldn't beat myself up about it and think negative but its still very depressing to realize how hard I worked to get the weight off and keep it off and suddenly I'm back there again. =(

But there is also something else I noticed while on vacation. When my hubby took pictures of us I never declined any. I told him to go ahead because they will be my 'before' pictures. My husband also said he was tired of his belly and how its so uncomfortable to sit down. All of this extra weight is hard on our joints so perhaps we can do it together this time around. I want to join a gym but not by myself.

ok, well..I've got to get ready for work. Just updating my blog. Have a great Sunday.

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