Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Hump Day Update

Good Morning

I'm up getting ready for work, just three more days until im off on Saturday - sigh, can't wait to be off.

I am starting to notice that crazy holiday look in customers eyes, that " I want something and I want it now" look. I had a women walk up yesterday and ask how long it would take for us to make 60 hot wings... I told her 30 minutes. Which is a reasonable time since our deep fryer already had chicken in it and I explained this too her...well, she stormed off and said she couldn't wait that long. *eye roll

A co-worker was in one of those moods yesterday where all the customers where getting on her nerves ( this co-worker was also on her monthly, as were two other co-workers. Funny how you get a bunch of women together and all our cycles start running together)  Anyways, I told her to go eat some chocolate and she will feel better LOL :-p

So since getting back from our mountains adventure I have come down with a nasty head cold. It has drained all my energy and I can't breath out of my nose. So I haven't worked out any this week =( But with my cold in mind I have been really watching what I pigging out! I'm already at 230 lbs and I don't wanna go any heavier. I've been weighing everyday to remind myself to watch it. It works!

ok...enough jibber jabber. I will check in later this week. Hopefully I can start working out again.

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