Friday, October 24, 2014

TGIF 10-24-14

Good Morning blog peeps,

I thought I would stop by for a quick post. I am after all doing absolutely nothing at this moment. Well, Im drinking decafe coffee but thats it.

I'm off work today and was off yesterday too, it's been like a little vacation from work.

So this week's workouts were pretty good. The eating on the other hand, was terrible! Its funny how its either one or the other. LOL!! Maybe I should change the name of my blog to 'My inconsistent Weight Loss Journey" Because weight loss doesn't seem to be happening.

OK, ON MY LAST POST, I admitted to having some panic attacks at work. I also said that I was seeing my doctor for medication refills and to talk to him about the attacks. He just increased my anxiety medication and told me to find a way to calm myself when I feel an attack coming. He mentioned yoga and walking, he also suggested that I take a break at work and go to a comfortable place and meditate. Why do I forget about these things when I get all worked up with my crazy self? This past week I stayed out of the drama and felt so much better, so thats another factor in my anxiety.

I also mentioned weight loss surgery on my last post. Well, WLS is excluded from my insurance ( not surprising since my insurance SUCKS! ) But it does cover 8 sessions with an nutritionist and 12 sessions with a obesity counselor. The closest obesity counselor is 45 mins away. I just can't win with this. I think its a sign that I need to get my sh*t together and just do what I know works and to stop being a whinny baby. =)

ok. So Im back on MFP tomorrow and starting the day with a workout at 5am. YUP, gotta get that workout in before work so I can start the day with a clear mind. This might not happen every day but I will find a way to get them in.


  1. Hey , Make the time for your self to at least go to a couple of those obesity counseling sessions..You owe it to yourself. I'm going through a stressful time and my doc actually increased the dose of my meds too. ..the lows were getting low. I have found a new park to walk in and it's very is my go to now for serenity as well as exercise. I enjoy looking at catalogs for clothes I will never buy. I look up and make lists of books I want to read on the library website. It helps. Work is an escape for me. I'm not sure if being around the food is what caused your anxiety . I couldn't do it . It would have me crazy. Going to a grocery store in itself is a trial sometimes. hang in there.

    1. Hey PJ, thank you for your comment. As of right now im working out before work and it seems to be helping. On my next day off im going to call and see if I can't find a closer counsler because I would love to take advantage of that. To help ease my mindless eating at night I bought a scarf loom and crochet following video's on youtube for guidance. Its helping. Meanwhile I'm just going to watch what I eat and not worry about the calories. Its just too much right now. Glad your enjoying your new park! Serenity is such a nice feeling <3


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