Saturday, October 18, 2014

Saturday 10/18 Update

Good Morning,

I'm off work today and so loving it. I wish our job allowed us to have a set schedule with two days off in a row but retail doesn't work that way.

Work this week was a lot less stressful than last week.  As requested, my manager did put me doing something else besides cooking for 2 days and it was a nice 'mental' break. Cooking is just overwhelming..I already told her that by June of next year i want off of cooking( june is my yearly evaluation) She said ok.

My doctors appointment Thursday went as expected. He increased my meds for anxiety and sleeping but since my depression isn't bothering me he kept it the same. I told him about my anxiety attacks two weeks ago and I was hoping that he would prescribe me something that was more fast acting but he didn't. He just increased my meds. I'm good with it.

Well, I've fell off the wagon once again with exercise, I just don't get it? I used LOVE my workouts. I would actually plan them out and look forward to them but now I have lost all interest. Kind stinks. I keep searching for that fire I had once - I know its still in me. Maybe I will join that gym thats about 10 minutes away? Maybe it will boost my motivation. I keep talking about it but have yet to do it. The gym looks really nice and friendly too.

My eating hasn't been great either, I've been kinda watching it but not really logging my food like I should. I won't gain weight but I wont lose at this point either. Honestly I've been  looking into weight loss surgery. My insurance will pay for most of it but I need to call them Monday and see exactly how it works.

Have a great Saturday =)

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