Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Tuesday Weigh In and Update


Im up getting ready for work and feeling pretty tired. Today is day 4 of 6 days straight. I really hate working that many days in a row. And whats so sad is I can't really say anything to boss lady about it because then I'm considered a complainer.

I saw a side of the boss lady yesterday I didn't particularly like too much. She got mad because a girl called out and didn't believe that she was sick. She starting saying that she's come to work throwing up before with a fever. As the day went on she got more upset, even reading text messages that the sick girl was sending to other co-workers. She said she was going to cut her hours this upcoming week. Honestly there has been drama all week in the deli. Im just sick of being there and hearing it.

So today was my weigh in day and I lost .6 of a pound. I'm trying to stay positive with that #. I was on my monthly this week, which will mess up a weigh in. I know that... but dang I was hoping to see a bigger loss. sigh, Oh well...maybe next week.

I went back and looked at my exercise log this week and I got in 4 days of workouts, thats not too bad. I also did very good with my eating. This week was a good week so I didn't do anything wrong.

Anyhoot, just checking in. Today is suppose to be my free day, I think I will just cut it back to a meal this evening though...I want to get some weight off.

Have a great Tuesday. =)

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