Sunday, September 07, 2014

Sunday Update 9/7/14


I'm off today, thank goodness, and enjoying my coffee. The kids are excited that I'm off too. They keep asking me to take them to the park, so I guess we will be heading there later.

So today im getting back on the wagon, once more. I plan on eating healthy and getting in a good sweat. But first I'm going to clean my kitchen good, its getting on my nerves.

Tomorrow I plan on getting up early for a workout before work. I want to do this at least 4 days a week. I don't care if I'm tired. I will not hit the snooze button. I will lay out my clothes and have my breakfast/lunch ready the night before.
 It will work!! I will make this work again. There are hundreds of thousands of women across the globe that workout early...I will be one of them. And heck, who knows...maybe when I make this a focused habit I can start tapering off my antidepressant. My workouts will be my medication :-)

And speaking of antidepressant, i'm starting to wonder if maybe the wellbutrin im taking is affecting my willpower/determination? I am pretty laid back these days, nothing seems to bother me.

ok, just checking in.


  1. I love my Wellbutrin, it makes me so chill. I have major anxiety and OCD issues though, so chill is good for me. I will say that exercising makes me feel even better though. Good luck!

    1. I also love how exercising makes me feel. My doctor started me on Wellbutrin for depression but I didn't expect it to help with my anxiety too. It was a rough ride at first though..haha


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