Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Day 15

 Good Morning, this will be short since I need to get ready for work. 
My weigh-in this morning showed a 1.4 lb loss. So that makes 7 lbs total gone. I'm so proud of myself for sticking to it. I know I can do this as long as I stay focused. I'm constantly reminding myself 'why' im doing this when I want to eat junk. I can feel this fire growing inside me, this desire to not let anything stop me from my goal. I'm loving it! 
Walking this week was great. 5 days total and I logged all my food, even if I went over I logged it. There were two days that I went over this week, of course it was at night. I'm thinking about pushing supper off an hour and just not eating anything after that. I've notice that once I start eating I have a hard time stopping. 
ok...off to get ready for work. Have a Terrific Tuesday! =)

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