Sunday, August 24, 2014

Wishy Washy Ways


Its 10:35 on a beautiful Sunday morning. I'm off work today so that makes it extra beautiful...teeeheee.

I've been spending most of the morning on the computer looking up information on weight loss, diet pills ( adipex in specific) and then I ended up on myfitnesspal.

The only thing that scares me about adipex is the awful side effects. I have taken the pill twice over the past two years and on both occasions I quit because of the mood swings, depression and dizzy spells. It just wasn't worth it anymore. So why am I wasting time on the research? IDK? I guess I feel kinda lost at the moment...I can't seem to stay focused long enough to get some real results. I'm beating myself up when I don't stay on plan and that results in overeating/stress eating/ binge eating. I've got to pull the brakes on this consuming cycle ( and it is physically and emotionally consuming me). Enough already with the wishy-washy ways. An example: I can't decide to one day to do ____ ( fill in the blank) then stop and do something else? No wonder I'm still the same pants size. baaawaaahaaa

But in all honestly( and serious--ly) I know what works, its just a very slow and long process
 A healthy eating plan and exercise. It DOES WORK.

So that brings me back to myfitnesspal. I KNOW this method of weight loss won't give me awful side effects. I will in-fact, over time, feel amazing and accomplished.

I so wishy washy - but as proven in the past, I can be very persistent. So no judgement, please ;-)

Oh, and last week was a successful week of exercise. I got in my 3 4 days =)

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