Saturday, August 16, 2014

Saturday Update


Today is work, then I need to come home and clean ... something, since every square inch of this house could use some TLC.

So - I feel like a failure... again. =(
 No...haven't been eating well, no counting calories, no walking. My day is like this: I work then come home and watch TV. I don't know whats wrong with me? Maybe I have reached a new stepping stone in my life? It's the 'I don't give a shit' stepping stone and I'm battling it every step of the way.  Because I do care...I don't want to be heavy and unhappy. I guess I just get so discouraged when I know the road to weight loss, and its not an easy road and I'm avoiding it right now.

I told my husband I wish I could take those diet pills that I tried last year, I hated the sight of food with them.  and it was so easy to lose weight with them. I lost 12lbs the first month. But the side effects where horrendous...I mean, wow. I can remember being VERY depressed the first two weeks. Then my emotions where all over the place. I lost that glow inside, you know...that happy glow. So nope, not taking those ever again.

I know, im in a moody mindset right now, just being honest. I don't come on here to blow sunshine up people's butts :-P


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