Thursday, August 21, 2014

Early Morning Update

Good Morning,

Its 5:35 on a Thursday morning. I'm up early for work

So thinking and saying "I Choose Me" has been changing my way of thinking about food. Yesterday we went grocery shopping and I walk right by some Pb cookie samples, of course my hubby grabs two (*eye roll). And I turned down some coconut cream pie that hubby wanted. I told him that he would have to eat it he put it back. LOL.
 I did a 40 minutes step aerobics with my favorite instructor, Cathe Friedrich. ( Low Max step combos only premix and I still remembered all the steps! I can't remember the last time I did that one, its been over a year. )

I decided to workout every Monday, Wednesday & Friday for now until I get my groove back. And If I workout more it will be 'bonus calorie burns'. ;-)

I also stayed on plan and mentally kept up with my calories but no logging. And to keep the positive vibe going I decided to write in my 'private feelings' journal. I was kinda amazed at how good I felt after journaling? It was a positive release for me...I will continue doing so.

Yesterday was pretty dramatic for me, I had to go to the dentist for a few procedures. I was so nervous and actually had tears in my eyes while waiting for my turn. Why is it that we turn into a child while sitting in the dentist chair?
So when my turn came up they give me these glasses to wear while the bright light is in your eyes so I just closed my eyes. I had a tooth removed and two cavities filled, it was a terrifying experience. The dentist is good though, I felt no pain and she kept asking me how I was doing. But to be honest I'm not crazy about her bedside manner...she seems kinda fake and stuck up to me, but she's a good dentist so I go to her. She's just not warm and genuine to me...but I could be reading her wrong too.

I still have two more cavities to fill and then I will get a flipper for the tooth that was pulled since it was in the front. ( a baby tooth that had been clinging on for 36 years, HA)

ok, thats all for now. I will check in later this week.

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