Wednesday, July 30, 2014

End of July Check-In

Good Morning,

I wanted to start off saying that my brothers ex-rays and head scans came back good, there was cancer showing only in his cheek. He's having surgery next Thursday to get it removed and we'll go from there. I was so relieved to hear this news, I know he isn't out of the woods yet but at least we know where we stand.

I stated on my last post that I was counting calories again and I did - for that one day, then I went back to just eating my 5 small meals a day. Its been going great too. I haven't weighed but I can tell in my body that im getting toned and leaning out.
I also started focusing on my power walking. I purchased 4 Leslie Sansone dvd's ( already have 4 of hers) to get motivated. I printed out a calender and started marking my walks on there and it's working!! I'm motivated!!  I walked 6 days straight last week. I walk for 30 minutes and thats all the commitment I'm allowing myself right now. After working in the Deli and running around for 8 hours, a 30 minute power walk is perfect.
One of the dvd's I purchased was called Walk it off in 30 days, it has a 30 minute power walk and a 30 minute strength training session...its fabulous! I'm so glad I found another instructor to motivate me =)
Of course Cathe will always be my favorite but I had a hard time keeping up with her workouts at my weight, perhaps when I get a little lighter I will pick her dvd's back up.

I can't believe my kids are going back to school next week. There summer seems so short? There school clothes and supplies are bought and they're ready.

Work News
So as you all know I work in a Deli, November will be a year since I started in the department. I don't miss the Bakery at all - however I do get the itch to decorate cakes every now and then. I got Full-time June 15th so there for my raise won't be until 2015 June,15th. I think that sucks!! I'm going to ask my store manager for a raise in November...I deserve it! I'm still liking it...I really like my-coworkers, a lot nicer then the ones in the bakery.

ok. Thats my update. Oh, and  I was thinking yesterday about the name of my blog. I know this is a weight loss blog but there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of weight loss going, nor am I really focused on it anymore. I'm more focused on living a healthy lifestyle. So I may be changing the name soon. Perhaps something like "Amy's Lifestyle Change" . IDK


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