Monday, July 07, 2014

7/7/14 update

Happy Monday =)

Im off today, thankgoodness!! This past weekend kicked my butt.

So on my last post I stated that I will be cutting out fried foods ( getting better)  eat 5/6 small meals a day ( did happen) drink protein powder ( did happen) and cut back on sugar ( getting better) and of course there's my workouts ( only one workout this past week - I was such a slacker).

Today is a fresh new week. I have been really thinking about a new workout schedule and how to plan ahead for my meals. Its going to take a great deal of motivation, will power and butt kicking but I know I have it in me. So here's my plan that's starting today.

1) buying a calender so I can schedule my workouts around my weekly work schedule.

2) doing my cardio workouts before work ( and making sure I lay out my clothes the night before)

3) Planning and prepping my food for easy grab and go HEALTHY and CLEAN meals.

4) NO SNACKING AT WORK!! If you've ever worked around food then I'm sure you understand why this has to be a rule.

I plan on buying single portions of veggies for lunch at work and some v8 juice ( better than no veggies at all). I can do this...I have done this....I will do this again!!!

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