Sunday, June 15, 2014



This is a painting I made for my mom's birthday on June, 1st. I almost kept it...LOL. She really liked it though and i was glad.

Today is my TGIF and it will be nice to get off work, get my workout done then relax by the pool. I can't wait!! Today is also my 8th day in a row of working. Im pretty tired but not totally wiped, I'm eating pretty good so that helps. I also plan on stopping by my dads for his Father's Day gift.

 I also can't wait until Wednesday because we're headed to Six Flags!! We got season tickets last week, Yay!! Six Flags is doing monthly payments now so its easier to pay for us poor folks.

Yesterday at work I was told that I will be full-time in a few weeks so that's exciting. That's more money for us :) Hopefully it will kick in before July 4th so I can get that holiday.

So... I've been getting in my workouts regularly this month. At least 4 a week. Not real strict on my eating but I do eat light through-out the day until supper then I do portion control. I still do the mental calorie check and I'm in the range of weight loss on most days, its a very small deficit but its there.
I have not peeked or even thought about the scale all month and I am loving it!! No stress, no binge eating...I feel as if I've been released from a burden. Lets just hope I didn't gain any weight this month so I can keep doing this :)


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