Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Getting Stronger

I've got to be at work in about 45 minutes and I still need to get dressed so this will be short.

Today is work, blah. Im pretty tired from work and my early morning workouts the past three days. I got my work week schedule yesterday ( one thing I can't stand about my job is I don't know when im working until the new schedule is made on Tuesdays, its a pain in the ass) But as I was saying, I got my new schedule yesterday and I work the next 5 days. I was disappointed to see that since this is my third day working in a that will make 8 days working in a row =/

You know whats funny though? When I first saw my schedule I immediately went into 'when I will fit my workouts in mode ", thats a good thing. The last few days I have been getting up early to get my workouts in but not this morning, I decided to do it later on this afternoon after work. I may even take a rest day since my body seems to be screaming for one.

I've noticed some strength gains in my upper body which is nice. I've also noticed I can make it through my workouts without feeling totally washed out. So my endurance is getting better too - I'm getting stronger. And I'm getting firmer. I'm proud of that!

I haven't weighed in a while nor do I plan too until the end of the month, I may decide to just measure instead of weighing since the # on the scale seems to have a negative impact on my motivation.

ok, enough rambling - have a good day.

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