Sunday, May 11, 2014

Staying Positive

Morning, just a quick check in before work. Im tired this morning...I quit caffeine about 3 days ago and boy is it catching up to me.

I peeked at the scale and its playing mind games again. Im up 2lbs...*eyeroll. I wish I could just put the darn thing up and focus on my eating and how I feel vs the # on the scale.

I also did some night time munching last night, not too crazy but I went over around 350 calories or so. I just logged it in my food journal. Its all this crazy mess at work thats happening...I just don't know where im going to be working at ( Deli or Bakery) in the next few months. My boss never talked to the store manager was kinda disappointing. And I didn't want to bother her about it since she seemed busy. Maybe Monday in the department head meeting she will announce it then get back to me.

Ok, so today I will
1) Have a great day at work and not think about things I can't do anything about!
2) Stay on plan with my eating
3) get in another cardio after work

There...thats my positive self talk for the day ;-)

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  1. At least you logged everything. That's an important step, even if you do happen to go off plan. I hope the next few days go better.


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