Saturday, May 17, 2014

Saturday Morning Update 5/17/14


Im off work today and completely loving it. I forgot how hard it is on the body to work 5 days a week with one day off here and there. But im not complaining..teehee

This week was good in many ways. I'm still avoiding caffeine at all cost and I feel a lot less anxious.  Eating was good this week, im proud of myself for that.  I avoided a binge on Thursday night by cleaning the hell out of my kids bathroom, feeling pretty proud of that. My workouts are right on target, doing good with that. I did feel kinda bummed yesterday when I stepped on the scale and it showed no loss. I'm still hovering around my lowest. I was kinda grumpy for most of the morning yesterday but I told myself I wouldn't let the scale ruin my whole darn day. So I let it go...

Yesterday we went to eat out for supper then saw the new Godzilla. It was a fun night. We went to applebee's - our favorite.  The movie was pretty good..the only complaint that i have is that I wished there was more scenes with Godzilla in it. The last 30 mins was awesome though..

I started taking Wellburtin a couple of months ago and I feel pretty good. No more regretting to get out of bed with that sad, sinking feeling. My mood has leveled out for the most part. I'm really liking it so far! My anxiety isn't as bad either. Im just thankful that I have found a mixture of meds that work for me.

Work is going well, the manager will make out the schedule Monday or Tuesday for next week and I'm suppose to be cooking 5 days a week. ( there is a girl transferring to another store so im filling her position) I know I can handle it but I'm going to be awful tired when I get home. Its going to take some getting used too.  Cooking is very, VERY physical work. Will see...

Well, thats all folks.Have a fabulous weekend =)

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