Thursday, May 01, 2014

Pulling Up My Big Girl Pants


I'm sipping on my decafe coffee before work. I just have to get through two days of work then I'm off Saturday and Sunday =) When you work in retail, having a weekend off is a rare treat ( had to request for it). So im pretty excited.

The main reason for my post this morning is to express how I feel right now. Im anxious. Very anxious!! I feel like going back to bed and not coming out of my room. But I know I can't do that...I know its just the medication im on with its crazy side effects. So instead I will put on my big girl pants and go to work.

I went to see my doctor Monday and he prescribed the slow release Wellbutrin ( I was taking the regular form) and I think my body is adjusting to it. Dang, I just wish I didn't feel so tensed up. Yesterday was pretty bad...I kept fidgeting around the house. I did sit and watch a movie but I found it difficult to focus because my mind was racing a little. When I saw my doctor he also told me to take Valium on a regular basis for my anxiety so I just popped on of those, I hope it will kick in here before work...gah

I got so frustrated last night with a painting I was working on. Just couldn't get it to look the way I saw it in my mind so I backed off it. I may work on it some more this weekend. I really want to take art classes. I did a search online for some and found one that is 50$ for the month and it includes 4 classes. I think I will ask my hubby about it. It's not to far away too...

ok, time to get ready. Have a great day =)

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