Thursday, May 29, 2014

Good Morning Folks

Its Thursday, around 5am. I'm up for work, otherwise my but would be in the bed ;-)

Im sitting her drinking my ice water, trying to wake up. My decafe coffee is brewing and smells great! Its been about three weeks since ive voluntarily drank caffeine, chocolate is the only thing I eat/drink with caffeine now, it has helped with my anxiety tremendously! And since I started taking Wellbutrin my depression has ceased to exist. I'm so glad I decided to go get something for it.

There is something changing inside me folks. Its a positive change and I'm loving it so far. Its been about 6 days since I've weighed in. My eating has been normal, not real restrictive - I'm eating around 1900-2200 calories a day and I don't feel deprived ( aka no binge eating or urges to eat). Im no longer logging my food or counting calories, I just keep up with it as the day goes along. I try to stay clear of foods that I know aren't good for me and I watch my portions.

 But whats really awesome is I've started working out more intensely,  like I used too - and I'm looking forward to it too, like I used too!!!!! This is an exciting development since workouts over the past few years have been a struggle.
 I started back to doing Cathe Friedrich weights and her cardio workouts and wow, no wonder I lost weight back when I was working out with her dvd's? She's so challenging! I'm starting to really enjoy challenging my self again, and I want my muscle's back! And to me that's a lot better feeling then some # on the scale.

Im going to continue doing what I've been doing this past week and weigh and measure on the 23rd of June and see what happens.

ok, just a quick check in this morning. I've got to go make my breakfast and lunch for today.

I will check back in later this week. :)

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