Friday, May 23, 2014

Fed Up

When I woke up this morning my heart was heavy with regret. I haven't been on plan this week with my eating. Iv'e allowed myself to get in that vicious cycle of  'all or nothing' and the ' I will get back on plan tomorrow'  way of thinking. It's maddenig, exhausting and I'm fed up with it!!!  I deserve to look and feel the best I can and I know the only way to do that is with hard work, discipline and consistency. I know from expereince that once I get down to a more comfortable # on the scale ( or in pants size) I CAN indulge more, as long as I keep my workouts up. 

Its been 101 days now on MFP, and it makes me mad at how slow im losing - 10lbs so far - and its because of this cycle I get caught up in.  I weighed this morning and I'm only up 3lbs from my not as bad as I thought. But I've got to saddle up and ride hard if I want any real changes to happen here.  

Bottom line - I'm not happy at this weight so I've got to make a change.  

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