Sunday, May 04, 2014

Binge - Need I Say More?


Yup, you read the title right. I had a full fledged binge yesterday. I guess I have been too strict on my diet...although I don't remember feeling deprived, well up until yesterday during lunch.

It all started when my sister and I decided to go to Burger King for lunch after a long morning of yard sales with the kids. For the past two weeks ( maybe 12 days?) I have been watching my carbs and my body has been reacting quite well to it. So my lunches are normally around 20-25 grams of carbs and 300/400 calories. Well there is NOTHING at Burger King even close to that. I got frustrated because I couldn't find anything on the nutrition chart, then I heard my sister ordering a chicken sandwich and I LOVE there chicken sandwiches. ( my sister is one of those skinny people that can eat what she wants)  My kids also wanted a chicken sandwich...sigh. I settled for a cheeseburger and there new satisfries w/water.  Well during lunch I started feeling deprived. Then I logged my food into MFP and saw my carbs and calories so far and was really mad.
When I got home I was exhausted, I still needed to get my workout in and the house was a wreck and there was still left over birthday cake from the day before, about a slice and a 1/2...something snapped in my mind and I just said 'the hell with it' and I ate. Oh boy did I eat!! The rest of the cake was my first victim, then I ate a box of reeses pieces ( 3 servings in one box. My mom brought them over for my son yesterday..why? I don't know! He already had a b-day cake) so then I had some peanut butter on some chocolate graham crackers, then I ate supper when I wasn't even hungry and later had some more junk before bed. I prob had close to 5000 calories when it was all said and done =(

I know I shouldn't beat myself up after a binge, its the worst thing I can do.  Today is a fresh new day and yesterday will be forgotten once I get back on track for a few days.

But there's a couple questions that rises from the whole ordeal. 1) Do I deprive myself? Its the only thing that triggers a binge in my case. 2) What can I do in the future to change the direction my mind went before the binge? 
There is also the possibility of my upcoming work decision that could be triggering this?

And speaking of that big decision,  two weeks ago my cheat meal was Chinese ( and it was gross BTW) but my fortune cookie was quite interesting. Here is a pic of it.
Could my decision be any clearer? 
And one last thing before I go. I will not give up on my weight loss journey, I can not give up on me. I don't care how many times I fall or feel defeated, I will get back up and try again.

Yesterday is just ONE day in the rest of my life.

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  1. Everyone has these binge moments. The important thing is to figure out why it happened. With me they are always related to an emotion - angry or sad about something. Or I am worried about a decision that I have to make. If you can figure out the why, it can be easier to avoid a binge in the future. Tomorrow is a new day. Just start over and see what happens.


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