Saturday, May 31, 2014

Another Stepping Stone


Its Saturday, May 31st. I'm up getting ready for work, I don't mind though because in 4 days we will be headed to the Florida coast!! I'm so excited to finally see the beach again.

So this week as been pretty good. No binge eating, urges to eat & I don't feel deprived at all. I'm feeling really confident about the decision to quit counting calories. Also, it feels good to be 'released' from the # game too. I put my scale up this morning because my first thought when I woke up was to weigh. I will not weigh until June, 23rd. And before I weigh I will get my hubby to measure me.

My workouts this week have been awesome!! So far I have done a circuit, 2 cardio's and a full body weight workout. Today I will do another full body weight workout. Thats 5 days of workouts folks!!

About the full time position at work. The lady whose job I will be replacing hasn't left yet so I'm patiently waiting on her to go, there seems to be a mix up at the other store she's transferring too. I was told it would be another two weeks.

ok, off to get ready, just checking in.

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