Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Weightloss Update


Im off work today so im lounging around in my pj's and it feel so good.

So the first thing I did this morning is weigh in and guess what? I have lost a total of 10.4 lbs so far!! I was thrilled to see that total on my myfitnesspal status. Its such a great feeling to lose again and to finally get my mind set on it.

Anyways... kinda thrilling.

I also have some exciting news about my work. Yesterday I was in the lunch room when the store manager walks in with the assistant store manager and he motioned me to come over there. He said " Tell him you were in the Bakery and was a bad ass! ( referring to the assistant store manager)" I said yep...but im also a bad ass in the Deli too and smiled. They laughed. Them he said "she's going to take over when ___ leaves" I said 'yep'. I think Im gonna give it a go over there.. The bakery manager leaves in June. But first we plan on going to the beach for 4 days. Can't wait!!

I wanted to share some pics of our last hike, it was at a local park that has miles of nature trails.

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