Thursday, April 24, 2014

Update 4/24/2014


Im up early for work but I'm off tomorrow, yay! Hubby and I are suppose to go to yard sales tomorrow, can't wait to find some good stuff =)

So about my last post... I'm going to see if the bakery still needs me to work 1-8 today because I noticed that one of the cake decorators ( the one that everybody thought had quit) was back in the bakery yesterday. So hopefully my help isn't needed.

Yesterday I did some total gym for 30 minutes then we went hiking for 40 mins. We have been going hiking almost everyday this week, its so pretty at the park we go to and its right down the road =)

My calories were good yesterday and today. Feeling good about that and the scale showed my lowest weight this morning, so maybe I can see a loss tomorrow? I wish I would drop about 3lbs, sure would boost my motivation.  Tuesday I had my hubby measure me and some of those measurements had increased since my last, I was ready to throw in the towel when I saw that. Boy was I mad!!  I mean seriously? Why bother if I'm not seeing any results?
I woke up the next day determined as ever to stay on my calorie plan. I've got to be strict... I want to see some weight loss.

so onward I travel....

Medication update:
So I have an appointment with my doctor on Monday and I can't wait. I've got a lot of questions for him. First, I want to ask him if I could switch to the time released Wellbutrin. I think taking the 150mg in the morning is really screwing with my anxiety. I feel on edge just about every day and the only thing that helps is a low dose of Valium. Second, I've been talking to some girls at work with anxiety issues and they take Tranxene at night for anxiety and insomina and they love it! I want to ask him about prescribing it too me instead of the Trazadone ( I take trazadone at night for insomnia ) I like the Trazadone but all it really does is knock me out and I wake up groggy the next day. Perhaps I won't with Tranxene? And its for anxiety, trazadone is for depression.

Have a great day =)

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